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Lightning & Surge Protection Devices for Industry

Raycap has led the way in finding creative protection solutions that ensure
its customer’s vital equipment does not experience downtime due to lightning or other power surge events. The company has made significant R & D and operational investments to develop and validate its unique Strikesorb® SPDs to meet global safety standards. Raycap also has many other product solutions for the industry and offers the latest solution to its user.

  • RayDin

    Surge Protection Technology

  • PCB Socket T1

    PCB Mount SPD Socket for AC Systems

  • PCB Socket T1 PV

    PCB Mount SPD Socket for
    Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • ProBloc B DC

    Compact Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) for DC Systems

  • ProTec T1

    Pluggable Single Pole & Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) with Iimp 12.5 kA

  • ProTec T1 LH

    Type 1 SPD in low (T2) height – 70mm

  • ProTec T1 PV 3Y & 5Y Box

    Space-saving Surge Protection Connection Boxes
    for PV Inverters

  • ProTec T1 PV 5Y

    space-saving Surge Protection for PV Inverter and Connection Boxes

  • ProTec T1-PV & T1-PV-S

    Multi-pole Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • ProTec T1S

    Phase GDT Technology for Demanding Environments with Iimp 25kA,
    Leakage Current Free

  • ProTec T1SF

    Surge Protection with Integrated Fuse. Type 1+2 leakage current free product for installation in the pre-metering area.

  • Rayvoss

    Industrial Surge Protection Systems