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ProGRID Surge Counters & Monitors 

Surge currents can cause loss of data transmission, switch tripping, disturbance of machine control systems and a slow but noticeable degradation of circuit elements. In addition, a surge can be an indicator of a short circuit which causes currents of power to travel along unintended paths with little or no electrical impedance, for example after a blackout or wiring insulation damage. Raycap’s ProGRID surge and lightning counter solutions have different capabilities that can sense, record and transmit the occurrence of otherwise undetectable surge currents, enabling users to take preventive measures and plan appropriate maintenance.

  • ProLEC Basic

    Lightning Event Counter


    SPD Monitoring Solution

  • ProSCT

    SPD Component Tester

  • ProSEC II+

    Counting & Monitoring Solution

  • ProSLS

    Counting & Monitoring Solution