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Small Cell Networks

To make 5G wireless services a reality, small cell sites using mmWave radios will be widely installed in order to provide enough coverage. Their higher frequencies exhibit increased propagation loss that limits inter-site distances (ISD) to roughly a tenth of a mile. So, 5G small cell sites must be lower to the ground and closer to one another than previous wireless generations.

Raycap brings together wireless concealment and protection solutions that help small cell network sites receive city approvals. Our unique combination of small-cell technology, expertise and manufacturing capabilities helps speed the deployment of 4G & 5G wireless networks.  We combine unique products and deep experience to help solve 5G small cell siting challenges – on time, on budget, no surprises. Raycap is determined to deliver the highest quality solutions with responsiveness, innovation and agility to meet the needs of diverse industries.

  • Multi-Service Terminals

    Added value through combination of different services.

  • Enclosures next to exisiting poles

    Concealment of RF technology in street furniture.

  • Building & Rooftop Solutions

    Antenna concealment with screen walls, side-mounted boxes, signs, chimneys, pods, cupolas.

  • Pole Mounted Infrastructure

    Fully concealed small cell poles