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Lightning and Surge Protection for PV and Building Infrastructure

Lightning strikes cause surges which propagate inside a PV power plant’s wiring structure, sending powerful impulses throughout the electrical system and severely damaging sensitive electronic equipment such as inverters, PV modules, control circuits and communication systems. While damage resulting from a direct lightning strike may be immediate, delayed equipment failures can also occur at any time due to the cumulative effect of repetitive exposure to surge anomalies.

This is why Raycap has developed the most robust and reliable surge protective technology available for solar equipment manufacturers. Many inverter OEMs already integrate Raycap’s lightning and surge protection modules into their inverter equipment to provide optimum levels of surge protection for PV systems. Installing surge protection from Raycap prevents extended downtimes and the loss of revenues during such downtimes, as well as decreases maintenance costs over time.

  • ProTec Series

    Pluggable Single Pole & Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices

  • PCB Socket T1 PV

    PCB Mount SPD Socket for
    Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • PCB Socket T2 PV

    PCB Mount SPD Socket for
    Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • ProTec T1-PV & T1-PV-S

    Multi-pole Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • ProTec T2 PV 3Y & 5Y Box

    Space-saving Surge Protection Connection Boxes
    for PV Inverters

  • ProTec T2-PV

    Pluggable Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) for Photovoltaic Systems (DC)

  • SafeTec T2 DC

    Pluggable Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) for DC Systems

  • Strikesorb

    Surge Protection Technology

  • Strikesorb 35 DC

    Surge Protection Technology