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Fixed Networks

Raycap has more than 25 years of experience providing solutions for both fixed-line and wireless networks. The company designs and supplies the critical equipment necessary to support telephone companies, long distance carriers, cellular companies, and private and state-run networks. Our products include fiber-optic and copper cable and accessories, business access solutions for fixed-line telecommunications networks, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions, broadband telecom cabinets and fittings, power supply solutions, point-to-multi point, mobile telephony base station products, and much more. Our full-time engineering and design staff are available for customizations or new product designs and are experienced in site surveys, product development and customer training and support. From product design to in-the-field operation, Raycap has extensive mechanical and electrical engineering expertise coupled with operational experience throughout the lifecycle of telecommunications system projects.

Raycap’s cabinets are constructed of highly reliable aluminum and can be fully customized to each customer’s specific requirements while at the same time meeting the highest quality and production consistency standards. Our expertise is not limited to the construction of aluminum housings but includes the integration of all necessary components in the cabinet in order to provide the customer with a complete tested solution that will deliver operational savings. The company has successfully completed many telecommunications cabinet projects with operators worldwide, and is committed to supplying superior quality solutions, continuous and effective customer support, and developing long-lasting working relationships with clients.

  • Cabinets for active components

    Modular double-wall multifunctional cabinet.

  • Cabinets for FTTx Networks

    Single wall cabinets for FTTH networks.