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Surge Protection Solutions for E-mobility

Raycap protects the electrical vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure from transient overvoltages, as well as the vehicles connected to these chargers should a surge in voltage arise. A recently updated and internationally accepted Standard (IEC 60364-7-722) makes clear that connection points at electrical supply chargers for EVs that are accessible to the public are part of public services and require electrical protection. This is a logical consequence since preventing danger to humans and damage to EV charging equipment must be considered as these new networks roll out. Raycap surge protection devices are designed to mission-critical industries and equipment without failure, and are a natural solution to the protection of EV charging stations.

  • ProTec T2 DC

    Pluggable Multi-Pole SPD for DC Systems

  • ProBloc EV T2 V

    Compact design with 35mm width – suitable for even the smallest AC EV chargers

  • Strikesorb

    Surge Protection Technology

  • SafeTec T2 DC

    Pluggable Multi-pole Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) for DC Systems

  • Multi-Service Terminals

    Added value through combination of different services.