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About us

Raycap is a global leader in infrastructure and power protection solutions for telecommunications, energy, renewable energy and transportation sectors. It manufactures industrial surge protection, cabling and connectivity solutions; power and telecom cabinets and customized enclosures; and RF-friendly concealment solutions for 4G and 5G networks.


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Introducing ProTec T2C-EV Raycap’s New Surge Protection for EV Charging

For the Protection of AC Chargers

  • Application in public AC charger pillars and boxes and residential AC charger wall boxes where space is very limited
  • Compact design with 35mm width only for smallest AC EV chargers
  • Type 2 + 3 SPD
  • DIN rail installation (only 2TE width needed) or flush mounting on the backplate with screws
  • Connection via Standard Faston connection terminals (insulated connection leads can be supplied together with SPD)
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ProTec ZPN

Combined Lightning Current & Surge Arrester for 40mm Busbar Systems with Iimp 12.5kA,
Leakage Current Free

ProTec T1SF

Surge Protection with Integrated Fuse. Type 1+2 leakage current free product for installation in the pre-metering area.

ProTec T2F

Pluggable Type 2 arrester with integrated fuse.

ProTec T1S

Phase GDT Technology for Demanding Environments with Iimp 25kA,
Leakage Current Free

PV & Alternative Energy

With expertise in surge protective devices for renewable energy that’s been refined over many years of experience, Raycap is a name that customers trust. Our maintenance-free Strikesorb products have been protecting photovoltaic (PV) power systems and wind turbine installations from lightning surge damage in the field for over 10 years and counting.

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Raycap has led the way in the development of advanced connectivity solutions for the FTTA/PTTA wireless network infrastructure. With indoor and outdoor active cabinet solutions for active and passive equipment, as well as expertise in the concealment of 4G/5G network infrastructure, Raycap solutions are engineered and delivered to meet customer requirements.

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Building & Infrastructure

Raycap has developed products specifically for use in the building and infrastructure market in Germany. With the change in VDE standards at the end of 2016, every new commercial building project in Germany built after the standards came into effect is required to have surge protective devices designed and built into the structure. Our products for the buildings industry include our hybrid ProTec solutions and other products in the ProTec line; as well as a number of Type 3 products that protect equipment inside of buildings.

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