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Protection of Bus Systems or Digital Data Transmission

In industry, the bus systems are indispensable. They transmit important commands to the actuators or deliver the signals from the sensors to corresponding data centers or controllers. There are various constellations for networking the systems, e.g. loop wiring, radial line or bus networks.

A wide variety for the data transmission systems are required, for example, there can be 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology or serial interfaces.

The most common systems are the Ethernet, CAN, Profibus, RS485, RS232, all requiring protection.

SPDs for Local Area Networks (LAN)
          RayDat NET 6 POE
RayDat NET 6 POE
SPDs for Bus Systems
          RayDat RS 485 RayDat RS 485
          RayDat SBH-3 RayDat SBH-3 Series
          RayDat SGH-3 RayDat SGH-3 Series
           RayDat KNX RayDat KNX

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