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ProBloc EV T2 V

Special Features:

  • Enables V connectivity for in-line installation
  • Compact design with 35 mm width – suitable for even the smallest AC EV chargers
  • Type 2 + 3 SPD
  • Discharge capacity up to 20 kA (L-N) and 40 kA (N-PE)
  • Short circuit current rating 10 kA
  • Mounts via DIN rail installation (only 2TE width needed) or mounts flush on the backplate
  • Features FastOn connection terminals. Insulated connection leads can (optional) be supplied with the SPD

With the increasing number of electrical vehicles on the road, charging stations are becoming more prevalent. While technologies have been focused on new vehicle designs and battery capacities, protection of people and the charging infrastructure also must be considered. The safety of those using the infrastructure is covered under IEC 60364-7-722:2018 (DIN VDE 0100-722:2019) which requires the use of overvoltage protection in all publicly accessible charging stations. As well, safety-conscious businesses and homeowners will also want to protect themselves and their investments with purpose-built surge protection. The ProBloc EV T2 V surge protectors are uniquely designed for use in AC charging systems. Raycap also offers DC surge protectors for use in DC Fast Charging infrastructure.

Surge Protection in eMobility – AC Charging Surge Protection Solutions


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