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EPZ 100/350 Ex

The EPZ 100/350 Ex isolating spark gaps has been developed to prevent unsafe potential gradients from establishing between adjacent metallic structures or surfaces during a lightning discharge event. This is achieved by an internal voltage switching component which establishes equipotential equalization when its predetermined spark-overvoltage is reached, thereby preventing damage to equipment or eliminating unsafe conditions.

The EPZ 100/350 Ex is recommended for use in applications such as lightning protection grounding, where circumstances may dictate that a “clean” signal ground can not be directly connected to a “dirty” power system ground. It has wide application in the petrochemical industry for the protection of oil and gas pipeline insulating flanges from flash-overs during direct or nearby lightning discharges or when ground faults of nearby power transmission lines can cause large potential gradients across these flanges.

The EPZ 100/350 Ex is available in a hermetically sealed enclosure for direct burial applications.

EPZ 100/350 Ex EPZ 100/350 Ex