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ProBloc T1SG

The ProBloc T1SG product line uses an innovative single-cell spark gap technology to meet the expanding needs of the German building market. It features Type 1 SPDs with a 12.5kA Iimp rating, a leakage current-free design, and provides inherent stability to the power system because its unique design controls and limits follow currents to negligible values.

  • Type 1 SPD with 12.5 kA / 50 kA Iimp rating
  • Leakage-current free design
  • 240 / 400 V power systems
  • Applicable for  AC networks with prospective currents as high as 25 kA
  • Robust monobloc design assures safe end-of-life disconnection


ProBloc T1SG Series ProBloc T1SG Series
ProBloc T1SG E Series ProBloc T1SG E Series