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ProTec DMDR & ProTec DMG(R)

Class I and Class II SPDs are not enough to protect sensitive electronic elements. Overvoltage waves are slowly increasing at greater frequency, reoccurring and threatening devices. Incidence of low value surges are still too high for electronic elements and are common in the object itself, often caused by activation switching of major appliances, inductive devices and motors, or industrial system operation failures. SPDs in this classification are intended to protect sensitive electronic installations in Zones 2-3 per IEC 62305.

The ProTec DMG and DMGR modular series consist of a high performance varistors for each pole and a high energy encapsulated gas discharge tube (GDT), with separate thermal disconnect mechanisms.

The plug-in module and base design facilitate the replacement of a failed module in situ without the need to remove system wiring.

ProTec DMDR 20 ProTec DMDR 20
ProTec DMG 20 ProTec DMG(R) 20