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ProTec T1HS

Special Features:

• Leakage Current Free hybrid topology
• High discharge capacity due to unique design impulse discharge current of 25 kA
• Energy coordinated with other ProTec families without additional cable length
• State-of-the-art thermal disconnector
• Backup fuse up to 315 A gG
• Short circuit current rating up to 50 kA
• Vibration and shock withstand capability
• All modules, also N-PE, with operating state green-red
• Optional remote contact (RC) signaling
• VDE-IEC Class I & II / EN Type 1+2 and UL Type 4CA certified

ProTec T1HS Series ProTec T1HS Series
ProTec T1HS 1+0 ProTec T1HS 1+0
ProTec T1HS 3+0
ProTec T1HS 4+0
ProTec T1HS 3+1
ProTube T1HS 0+1