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ProTec T2 DC

Special Features:

  • For use in various DC systems and EV fast chargers
  • Available in Bipolar and Unipolar SPD versions
  • Available in operating voltages from 250V to 1500 V
  • Optional remote contact (RC) signaling
  • IEC Type 2 and DC Type 1 (UL 1449) SPD
  • Vibration and shock withstand capability

Raycap has developed a new DC DIN rail SPD portfolio that meets the requirements of the upcoming IEC 61643-41 DC SPD sub-standard under IEC 61643 and is at the same time certified to UL 1449 5th Edition under requirements of SUPPLEMENT SB – DIRECT CURRENT (DC) SPDs.

This new DC surge protection standard is necessary because existing Power SPDs, compliant with the IEC 61643-31 DC PV SPD supplement or IEC 61643-11 AC SPDs, do not cover requirements present in DC applications.

Our new DC products can be used in DC industry applications, where DC bus is used to provide power to equipment (such as robotic arms, motor drives, controllers, …) and AC/DC power conversion can be omitted to increase efficiency, electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers, battery energy storage systems (BESS), control cabinet supply lines, safety lightning and other DC applications.


ProTec T2 DCU & ProTec T2 DCB ProTec T2 DCB 3Y (Bipolar)
ProTec T2 DCB 3Y (Bipolar) ProTec T2 DCU 3Y (Unipolar)
ProTec T2 DCU 3Y (Unipolar)