About Raycap

Raycap is an international manufacturer and technology leader with decades of experience in the field of lightning and surge protection devices (SPD) including temporary surge voltages – for power, signal as well as data transmission; in addition, the company offers associated monitoring solutions.

The company also manufactures specialized surge protection and connectivity solutions for 4G and 5G telecommunications applications. Raycap has decades of experience manufacturing innovative products that are based on its intense research and development activity. That’s how it maintains leading positions across global markets.

Its surge protection solutions are designed to help customers’ systems perform with increased reliability, efficiency and safety. The telecom infrastructure concealment solutions enable the roll-out of next generation 5G telecommunications networks. And its enhanced customized cabinets and other enclosures protect critical equipment and allow customers’ connectivity solutions to “hide in plain sight”.

Raycap partners with clients to solve for any industrial or infrastructure challenge through its talented team of professionals that strives for excellence, innovation, and integrity in everything they do.