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ProTec T1-PV & T1-PV-S

ProTec T1-1100PV and ProTec T1-1500PV-S

The ProTec T1-PV product series includes high-performance and pluggable protective devices for photovoltaic systems up to 1500 V DC as Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs. Devices have a short circuit rating up to 30 kA, the highest on the market.

Special features:

• Vibration and shock withstand capability
• Sensitive and reliable remote contacts
• Short circuit current rating up to 30 kA

Find also ProTec T2 PV here.

ProTec T1 PV 3+0 ProTec T1-PV 3+0
ProTec T1-1500 PV-S 3+0 ProTec T1-1500 PV S 3+0