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ProTec BLD T2

Motorized window shades are common in many commercial and residential buildings. They enhance the comfort of the space where they are installed and provide a low-key security solution because they can be programmed to open and close at random intervals during the day, making it appear as though someone is inside. When combined with timers and light sensors, motorized shades will automatically open as the sun rises and close as the sun sets.

Like everything else in the “smart home”, these sensitive electronics and motors must be protected from power overvoltage. Maintenance or repair of these systems is not always easy and, in some cases, must be done many meters above ground level. Centrally controlled automated blinds have a safety feature that enables them to retract in a high wind weather emergency. ProTec T2 BLD is designed to fail in such a way that still allows the emergency retraction of the blinds.

SPD for Motorized Window Shades


Main features:

  • Protects the motor in both directions (blinds up, blinds down)
  • Dedicated small format installs easily into existing blind mechanisms
  • Uses industry standard STAK3/STAS3 connectors for fast & easy installation
  • Acoustic fault indication upon failure
  • Weather-resistant thanks to a high protection class of IP54
  • Type 2 / Type 3 protection
  • Compliant with: IEC 61643-11:2011 and EN 61643-11:2012+A11:2018
ProTec BLD T2-275 ProTec BLD T2-275