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ProTec ZPN

Special Features:

  • Thin design – fits in all cabinets between 2xSH
    and SPD on the busbar 5x12mm
  • Fast assembly – pluggable connection to the busbar
  • Large load capacity in a small installation space – high continuous current of 101A
  • High safety – locking system on all busbars
  • User friendly – product is easily marked for identification on the top of the product
  • Finger safe and isolated – live parts are never touched
  • Long lasting connection – proven tension clamp enables secure connection to busbar
  • Test and measure points available on all connection points

The newest product in Raycap’s ZP Series, the ProTec ZPN T1H, is specifically designed for installations in buildings according to VDE 0100-443/-534 and VDE-AR-N 4100:2019-04. As with the other products in the series, the ZPN has been developed for installation onto a 40 mm busbar system. Its special features include an integrated protected output for the smart meter and the gateway and modem, and a remote monitoring contact that can be easily integrated into a smart home system. With its space saving design and innovative phase tap the ZPN can supply power for a gateway without having to expand the busbar system and add a separate auxiliary terminal with a backup fuse. The versatile ProTec ZPN fits into all types of meter cabinets, without the need for tools or screws during installation.

Universal, space-saving overvoltage protection – ProTec ZPN T1H Broschure

ProTec ZPN T1H 3+0 ProTec ZPN T1H Series
ProTec ZPN T1H 3+0-F ProTec ZPN T1H E Series
ProTec ZPN T1H 3+1 ProAcc ZP-TB Series
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ProTec ZPN T1H 3+0-E ProTec ZPN Cable Set
ProTec ZPN T1H 3+0-E-F
ProTec ZPN T1H 3+1-E
ProTec ZPN T1H 3+1-E-F
ProAcc ZP-TB
ProAcc ZP-FH
ProTec ZPN Cable Set