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RayDat SP Series

Special features:

  • Very high surge ratings 
  • The connection lines remain enabled during module replacement
  • High density – up to 2 protected pairs at only 12mm width
  • Equipped with Screw or Quick connect (spring loaded) terminals

RayDat SPH and SPI solutions are designed to protect signal pairs. Due to high surge capacity, the products can be used even at locations that are very exposed. Versions for the protection of one or two pairs are available.

RayDat SPH-2 – SPD for Single Data & Signal Pair
RayDat SPH-4 – SPD for Two Data & Signal Pairs
RayDat SPI-2 – SPD for Single Exposed Data & Signal Pair
RayDat SPI-4 – SPD for Two Exposed Data & Signal Pairs