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Analog Signal Protection

Measuring circuits are mostly built as analog signal circuits. These are constructed as two-wire current loops or as voltage signals without a common reference potential. A current loop has a measurement setup from 0 (4) to 20 mA.

Another analog signal is provided by the temperature measurements with PT100 measuring resistors. Here the voltage drop in the three-wire or four-wire combination is measured at the measuring resistor. It is important that all wires are included in the protection plan.

RayDat Ex Protection Series
          RayDat Ex-2
          RayDat PLP Ex
RayDat SL Series
          RayDat SLH-2
          RayDat SLH-4
          RayDat SLL-4
RayDat SP Series
          RayDat SPH-2
          RayDat SPH-4
          RayDat SPI-2
          RayDat SPI-4
RayDat SRH Series
          RayDat SRH-2
          RayDat SRH-2L
          RayDat SRH-2L Accessories
RayDat SSH-3 Series
RayDat SUI-4 Series

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