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RayDat SL Series

Special features:

  • Very high surge ratings
  • The connection lines remain enabled during module replacement
  • High density–up to 4 protected lines at only 12mm width
  • Equipped with Screw or Sick Connect (spring loaded) terminals

Digital lines (I / O and others) in an industrial environment can be highly exposed to various influences. Therefore, overvoltages on these lines are very common. Raycap offers surge protectors for differently exposed lines. The RayDat series of products provides protection for up to four lines at just 12mm wide. Due to their internal configuration, these products can be used also for the protection of analog and high frequency signals as well.

RayDat SLH-2 – SPD for Two Data & Signal Lines RayDat SLH-2 Series
RayDat SLH-4 – SPD for Four Data & Signal Lines RayDat SLH-4 Series
RayDat SLL-4 – SPD for Four Data & Signal Less Exposed Lines RayDat SLL-4 Series
RayDat SSH-3 – SPD for Four Data & Signal Lines with Additional Shield Protection RayDat SSH-3 Series
RayDat SUI-4 – SPD for Four Data & Signal Exposed Lines RayDat SUI-4 Series