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ProTec 60 T2

Special Features:

  • For TN-C, TT and TN-S network systems
  • Plugs available with Type 1 or Type 2 surge protection; and Type 2 with integrated fuse
  • Visual status monitoring of SPD and fuse (T2F) available via remote signalization
  • Can be used with a variety of busbar widths and thickness
  • Reduces installation cost and space requirements
  • Shorter wiring time and minimized complexity
  • Pluggable concept enables fast & simplified installation
  • Shorter connections improve overall voltage protection level

The Raycap ProTec 60mm Busbar series reduces installation time and space requirements and enables fast and simplified installation. Shorter connecting cables improve the overall voltage protection level, providing optimal electrical protection to the installation.

ProTec 60 Series ProTec 60 T2 Series
ProTec 60 T2 3+0
ProTec 60 T2 3+1


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