Safe in the smart home: Raycap launches surge protection for motorized shutters

Garching, 21.02.2023 – Raycap, international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity and monitoring as well as passive telecommunication infrastructure, has expanded its portfolio for surge protection solutions in building infrastructure: The innovative ProTec T2 BLD has been specially developed from the protection of electrically controlled shutters in the smart home. 

Thanks to an electric control system, motorized roller shutters open automatically at sunrise and close at sunset. In addition, the roller shutters can also be set so that they always let the exact amount of light desired into the home, depending on the user’s personal preference. The roller shutters are driven by the appropriate motors, while sensors measure the current light intensity.

Like everything else in the smart home, the sensitive sensors and motors must also be protected against overvoltages. In addition to the proven Raydat KNX surge protection component for protecting sensors, Raycap is expanding its portfolio with the ProTec T2 BLD. The component developed particularly for the protection of the motors is installed between the switch and the engine of the roll stores. Thanks to its compact format, it can be easily installed in existing shutter mechanisms and protects the motor from damage caused by overvoltages in both directions: for both raising and lowering. With the help of its STAK 3 connectors, the ProTec T2 BLD can be easily installed and replaced via plug & play. In the shutter box, the component can be fixed either with screws or cable ties.

The ProTec T2 BLD can also be used without hesitation in exterior roller shutter boxes. Thanks to protection class IP54, it is weatherproof and resistant to external influences.

Centrally controlled automated blinds have a safety function that allows them to still retract in an emergency, even in high winds. The ProTec T2 BLD adapts to this requirement and has been designed by Raycap so that if the surge voltage component (SPD) fails, the blinds can still be extended and retracted. In the event of a failure, an audible error message sounds to alert the user that a fault has occurred.


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