Surge Protection Components for 60mm Busbar Systems

Garching, 12. September 2023 – Raycap, an international manufacturer of electronic components for surge protection, connectivity, and monitoring, is expanding its portfolio with a new line of surge protection components for the 60mm busbar, the ProTec 60 series. 

Raycap’s surge protection components have proven themselves in numerous applications thanks to their high level of protection and great reliability. Now Raycap is expanding its product portfolio with components for the 60mm busbar, the ProTec 60 series. These provide reliable protection for all types of power distribution systems. 

The compact ProTec 60 is simply plugged into the 60mm busbar and connected via plug & play. This reduces installation time from several minutes to seconds. It is suitable for TN-C, TT, and TN-S network systems. In addition, thanks to their compact design, the components significantly reduce the installation space required in the control cabinet. They require only 2HP installation width on the busbar and no additional installation space in the control cabinet, such as an additional mounting rail or adapter. The 180-degree rotatability on the busbar enables shorter connection paths to equipotential bonding or N/PE connections. This improves the protection level and optimizes the electrical protection for the plant. 

Especially for higher currents, the type 2 arrester with integrated back-up fuse ProTec 60 T2F offers great advantages, as an additional large NH back-up fuse is no longer required. This not only saves additional installation space but also reduces costs in addition to the installation effort. Furthermore, visual status monitoring of SPD and fuse is possible via a remote signaling contact.

In addition to the type 2 arrester with integrated back-up fuse ProTec 60 T2F, the components are also available with type 1 surge protection (ProTec 60 T1 and as a leakage-free version T1H, both versions with an Iimp of 12.5 kA) and type 2 (ProTec 60 T2). Thanks to their flexibility, the components can be used with a wide range of busbar widths and thicknesses. All products of the ProTec 60 series are designed to be pluggable, and the arresters can be easily removed and replaced in the event of a trip without having to dismantle the entire component or cable or disconnect the entire system from the power supply.